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The Black lives matter Face Mask Campaign!

One of our main missions as a brand is to give back to our community, through Investments, fundraising strategies and much more. Therefore, to kick off our very first campaign that will run for the next 3 months (if not more) with The Black lives matter (BLM) inspired face masks designed by AfricanKollection. The idea behind this campaign stems from the BLM movement where we wanted to give back and support youth organisations that are working tirelessly to support BAME Youth from deprived backgrounds through educating and facilitating them with lifelong skills to better their chances of success. The first design which is the ‘fist’ symbol is a signal of solidarity and support of the Black lives matter movement. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ writing is one that has become quite popular and it is what is says, therefore it had to be part of this collection. More designs and colours will be released in the coming weeks!

The 'Fist' symbol mask available for pre-order!

The 'Black lives matter' writing Mask available for pre-order!

50% of the profit made from these masks will go towards the chosen Youth programme.

This month’s chosen Youth Organisation will be:

Positive Youth Foundation!

You can find out about the work that they do in the community below:



We are aiming to make this rolling on a monthly basis, with different Organisations being supported through the BLM movement! Therefore, if you know of a youth organisation or You are part of one please contact us!

AfricanKollection is a black owned business, and we believe in empowering each other, therefore through the initiatives we hold we hope that you can continue to support us and make a change the society we live in.


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